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Have you been involved in a car accident in the Orange County area? If so, an attorney at our law firm may be able to help you with your insurance claim and with any legal matter related to your accident. At Pacific Attorney Group, we have been helping victims of serious injuries throughout California since 2003 and have more than 35 years of combined attorney experience to apply to your case.

Your initial consultation with an Orange County car accident attorney at our law firm is free. It is also entirely confidential. At this time, you can discuss your accident and what injuries you experienced, as well as how our firm can help you during this difficult time. Depending on the case, we can get started immediately by assisting you in filing your insurance claim and seeking full financial compensation for your injuries, physical, economic and non-economic in nature.

What to do After a Car Accident
There are several important steps that you should take if you are involved in a car accident in Orange County. First, it is against the law to leave the scene of an accident, even if you were not at fault. You must remain at the scene to exchange driver and insurance information with the other parties involved and must render aid if possible. The only exception may be if you are catastrophically injured and must be taken from the scene by medical personnel for immediate treatment. If you are able to remain at the scene, be sure that you do not admit fault to anyone present, whether it is a law enforcement officer or the insurance claims adjuster for the other driver. It is wise to get the information of any witnesses present and to take photos of the scene. It is also highly recommended that you contact an attorney as quickly as possible. Click here to read more about what to do after a car accident.

Car Accident Insurance Claims & Lawsuits in Orange County, California

Filing an insurance claim is one of the first steps that most people take after an Orange County car accident. You will need to report the accident to your auto insurance company, and at this point the company will launch an investigation into the matter to determine who was at fault in causing the accident, what your claim should be worth, and more. What many people may not realize, particularly in car accident claims that involve serious injuries and extensive property damage, is that it is easy for an insurance company to offer an unfairly low settlement or for the other driver to attempt to lay the blame of the accident on your shoulders.

An Orange County car accident lawyer experienced in handling insurance claims related to car accidents can help you by representing your interests in relation to your insurance claim. In any communication that is had with the insurance company, your attorney will be there to assert your rights. If the other driver's insurance company contacts you to get a statement about what caused the accident, your attorney will be there. In all, your attorney will be by your side to ensure you have the best opportunity of reaching a positive outcome and securing the highest amount of financial compensation possible.

Financial Damages for Orange County Car Accidents

Your right to financial damages after a car accident is important, particularly if you and your family are to have the greatest opportunity of rebuilding, recovering and moving on. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Don't let the insurance company take advantage of you simply because you do not have an attorney to assist you with your claim. Instead, call our offices immediately at 800-670-8142 and talk to a lawyer about your specific accident and what can be done to address this matter.

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Orange County Car Accident Lawyer

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