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Thank you for visiting our Orange County car accident site. At Accident Lawyers, we are a team of attorneys and support staff who are fully committed to representing our clients’ interests to the fullest extent of the law in regard to their insurance claims or lawsuits related to car accidents in the Orange County area. Our firm was established in 2003 and we have since been representing the interests of serious injury victims in California, providing the high level of client service and legal representation we believe our clients deserve.

Experience is one of the primary reasons our attorneys are able to provide our clients with the level of legal counsel they need even in the most serious of car accident cases. We have more than 35 years of combined attorney experience to apply to our clients’ claims, and we utilize this and extensive resources to fully investigate each case and build solid legal strategies that represent our clients’ interests and offer them the opportunity at the best possible case resolutions. Add to this the aggressive approach we take in negotiations and courtroom litigation, and you have a force to reckon with both inside and outside of court.

Areas of Practice: Orange County Car Accidents

Accident Lawyers handles all types of car accident cases in Orange County, including those that involve car versus truck accidents,
car versus motorcycle accidents,
car versus pedestrian accidents,
car versus bicycle accidents,
car versus car accidents,
head-on collisions,
rear-end collisions,
drunk driving accidents, vehicle rollovers and side impact collisions. Regardless of the circumstances of your case and what injuries you may have sustained, we have the experience and knowledge to help you file your insurance claim and work toward a negotiated settlement or jury award on your behalf.

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